LumAware Illuminating Non-Removable Adhesive Floor Arrow
LumAware Illuminating Non-Removable Adhesive Floor Arrow

Illuminating Non-Removable Adhesive Floor Arrow



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Product Details

  • Utilizes Advanced Photoluminescent Technology®
  • Industrial Adhesive will permanently apply to most smooth surfaces
  • Non-slip surface
  • Will withstand fork-lift and most industrial traffic
LumAware photoluminescent signs offer a significant cost savings over electric  signs. They also qualify for 3 different LEED credits: EA, MR, and ID. LumAware's  signs are recharged indefinitely, with as little as 5-foot candles of ambient light, which is always available where egress lighting is required. When the power goes out, LumAware signage is not impacted, as their photoluminescent egress products don't rely on external power; providing reliable life-saving exit guidance in any conditions. LumAware products can also save time and money. Instead of replacing expensive egress systems, LumAware photoluminescent products are maintenance free and long lasting. With the use of LumAware photoluminescent egress products are cost and energy efficient; providing immediate savings with the initial purchase and continually reducing energy costs.

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Product Type: Safety Signs

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LumAware Illuminating Non-Removable Adhesive Floor Arrow (EG-CIR-ARROW)