Bauscher Hepp Luigi Bormioli Vinea 11.75 oz Malvasia / Orvieto White Wine Glasses
Bauscher Hepp Luigi Bormioli Vinea 11.75 oz Malvasia / Orvieto White Wine Glasses

Luigi Bormioli Vinea 11.75 oz Malvasia / Orvieto White Wine Glasses

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A collection of machine-blown stemware which is elegant, sophisticated, highly transparent and sparkling. The lightweight stemglasses have features typical of mouth-blown although sturdier and precise (faithful to specifications); manufactured in High-Tech Lead-Free Crystal Glass SON.hyx®. VINEA™ collection is characterized by a captivating unique design as it combines classic shapes with more contemporary and functional ones. This collection is dedicated to the most important native (autochthonous) Italian vine varietals. The stemglasses have been designed through the use of correlated research and trials and subsequently tested by Centro Studi Assaggiatori using the Advanced Big Sensory Test® and the Analogic-Affective Big Sensory Test® to mark them out. VINEA™ stemglasses best highlight the sensorial perceptions of each vine varietals emphasizing their organoleptic qualities. The shapes of all items in the VINEA™ collection differ from all the other stemglasses present on the market as the wine contained releases an "explosion" of all the characteristics flavors of the territory of origin while at the same time lessening the alcoholic elements in the aroma. By doing so, connoisseurs and novices alike will find the taste and aroma enjoyable. Taste the Difference, The shapes and dimensions of the stemglasses are such as to: Lessen the perception of the alcoholic elements enhancing only the true aromas of the specific vine varietals. Balance the gustatory perceptions and aromatic elements; excellent mouthfeel. Make the aromatic perception intense and balanced. Allow the wine to have a slow and intense aeration without modifying the typical aromas. Recent studies and research on VINEA™ stemglasses have once again confirmed that the wine changes its taste and aromas depending on the shape and dimension of the glass used. Due to the unique design of the bowl, the aromas' diffusion has a "Ring effect"; the alcoholic elements concentrate outwards while the wine specific aromas will develop in central part of the bowl. Such phenomena identified in VINEA™ stemglasses enhances both the wine's aromas and flavors without any interference with gaseous ethanol. Gaseous ethanol condenses partly on the walls of the bowl and partly vanishes towards the rim without affecting the olfactory evaluation.

Features and Benefits:
  • Measures 3.2"DIA X 8.5"H 0.33"LBs
  • A lightweight and pleasant to hold stemglass, suitable to wine connoisseurs due to its elegant yet technical design, versatile for restaurant settings and ideal for wine bars thanks to its manageable size. This stemglass is suitable for young and fresh wines such as aromatic whites. The bowl's shape has an outstanding amplifying effect on highly aromatic wines; floral, honey and vegetable aromas clearly stand out
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: Castelli Romani Doc bianco, Orvieto DOC, Gew├╝rztraminer
  • SON.hyx - High-Tech blown lead-free crystal glass, is break resistant and dishwasher safe
  • Titanium Reinforced - Permanent anti-abrasion treatment applied directly to the glass' stems to increase resistance to breakages
  • Italian Tasters - Products tested by Centro Studi Assaggiatori Italiano
  • Fine reinforced and laser cut rims
  • Pulled stems do not have any mold seams and are highly flexible
  • Made in Italy
  • 25 year guarantee covers rim and foot chipping as well as discoloration from dishwashing

ITEM #: 1183201

Product Type: Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses
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Case of 24
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Bauscher Hepp
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Bauscher Hepp Luigi Bormioli Vinea 11.75 oz Malvasia / Orvieto White Wine Glasses (1183201)