Bauscher Hepp Luigi Bormioli Lock-Eat 6.75 oz Food Jar
Bauscher Hepp Luigi Bormioli Lock-Eat 6.75 oz Food Jar

Luigi Bormioli Lock-Eat 6.75 oz Food Jar

Item #: 1196101

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The Lock-Eat collection has been designed for food preserving amid the various techniques as per countless recipes. It is possible to preserve fruit, vegetables, jams and jellies, syrups and fruit juices, and more. Lock-Eat jars and carafes are ideal as they are suitable for: heat treatment (boiling or potting), oil, pickled, brine, dry-cure (or dry-salt), and more. The benefits: clear glass lid, natural rubber gasket, fill level, clear glass jar, stainless steel elastic clamp. For correct assembly the gasket tab must be positioned opposite to the stainless steel clamp.

Suggested uses: Airtight (hermetic) use - The Lock-Eat jar is sealed off from the surrounding air by means of glass lid, natural rubber gasket and stainless steel elastic clamp, avoiding the development of food bacteria. Canning - The pressure inside the jar increases in comparison to the external pressure during the heating. The stainless steel elastic clamp allows for the expulsion of internal air and steam present inside the jar, while this also avoids any entrance of any external air. Once the jar is completely cooled down the vacuum will have taken place inside the jar. The external air pressure will force the glass lid down onto the jar sealing it. With Lock-Eat jars you can easily check the seals/vacuum either by lifting or removing completely the stainless steel elastic clamp and simply trying to lift off the glass lid and check if the lid releases. If the lid is sealed onto the jar, vacuum has taken place. Carrying out this simple test avoids the danger of inadvertently consuming spoiled food. In order to open the lid, pull the rubber ring tab allowing outside air to enter the jar thus neutralizing the vacuum and easily lift the lid from the jar.

Table Serving Solutions - The innovative Lock-Eat jars and glass lids have been created to present food in an original way; from appetizers and fingers food to desserts. They can be used for the service at the table, bar, buffet, breakfast, happy hours and on all special occasions.

The Lock-Eat Food and Juice jars have a glass lid that can be completely removed making them practical to use, compact in size and easy to wash in a dishwasher. The Lock-Eat collection is functional, multipurpose and at the same time an expression of contemporary design, particularly suitable for the presentation and service of single serving food (amuse-bouche).

Features and Benefits:
  • Measures 3.4"DIA X 3.8"H
  • Jar with innovative Glass Lid: easy to fill / easy to close / easy to open (Patent pending Detachable Lid
  • Stainless steel elastic clamp: easily removable
  • Microwave safe without stainless steel clamp
  • Natural rubber gasket: food safe
  • Canning safe / Airtight safe / Freezer safe
  • Eco-Friendly: Glass Jar and Lid reusable over time and recyclable
  • Easy to wash Jar and Lid: by hand or dishwasher
  • Stackable Food Jars: Storage Saver

ITEM #: 1196101

Product Type: Glass Storage Jars

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Product Specifications

Case Pack
Case of 24
Manufacturer Name
Bauscher Hepp
14 lb(s)
Bauscher Hepp Luigi Bormioli Lock-Eat 6.75 oz Food Jar (1196101)