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Victor 1240-3A 12-Digit 2-Color Printing Calculator Victor 1208-Two Color Portable Printing Calculator, Twelve Digit LCD Victor 1212-3A 12-Digit Printing Calculator Victor 700 White Model 700 8-Digit Hand-Held Calculator
Victor 1560-6 Two Color Commercial Printing Calculator, Twelve Digit, Tax Functions Victor PL8000 14-Digit Ht Printing Calculator Victor 900 Pocket Calculator, Solar/Battery, 8 Digit Display 1310 Big Print Desktop Calculator, 10 to 12-Digit, 2-Color Dot Matrix Display
Victor 1100-3A 8-Digit Desktop Calculator Victor 1190 Desktop Calculator, Battery/Solar, Twelve Digit LCD Display Victor V34 Ten Digit Scientific Calculator with Dual Power, 3 1/4" x 6 1/4" x 3/4
About Victor
Victor Technology has manufactured high quality adding machines and calculators since 1918. In 1965, Victor introduced the first adding machine powered by a microchip. Today, Victor offers more than 70 unique and versatile products with exceptional quality and the Industry’s longest warranties.

Victor Printing Calculators come in a variety of print speeds and price ranges. Major Victor Calculator innovations include the PL-8000, Big Print™ and the 1560-6. The “PL” in the PL8000 stands for Prompt Logic™, because the PL8000 features an alphanumeric display that actually prompts the user for inputs. It is also the only calculator with a “Help” key. The Big Print™ character size is equivalent to the difference between font size Arial 17 and the industry-wide calculator print-size standard Arial 11; which makes Big Print™ 150% larger than standard printing calculators and the biggest print on tape available. The Victor 1500-series calculators are arguably the best you can buy and have been industry standards in both features and durability for over 25 years. The current versions (1570-6, 1560-6 and 1530-6) include an easy-to-use Loan Wizard and can calculate: Amortization, Net Present Value, Future Value, Days between Dates and much more.

Victor is a leader in the campaign to offer socially responsible products that meet a growing consumer demand. Victor currently offers products that are Eco-Friendly, AntiMicrobial and even three special products that help fund research for Breast Cancer. There are fifteen models that contain 20%-50% recycled plastic. Victor was the first calculator manufacturer to offer built-in AntiMicrobial protection in the paint, housing and keys of eight different calculator models. Victor offers three Breast Cancer Awareness products, where a portion of the proceeds are donated to help fund research that will one day eliminate a disease that affects millions of women worldwide. From the boardroom to the classroom, you can count on Victor Recycled, AntiMicrobial and Breast Cancer Awareness calculators.

Victor is The Trusted Choice of Professionals.

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Victor Videos and More
Want to learn more on how these calculators work? Watch the videos below! Watch Video on Victor Sticky Add Rolls
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Watch Video on Victor Big Print Printing Calculator
Buy the Victor Big Print Printing Calculator

Watch Video on Victor Calculator with Anti-Microbial Protection
Buy Victor Calculator with Anti-Microbial Protection

Top Ten Sellers
Victor IR40T Compatible Calculator Ink Roller, Black/Red
MEGA Sale Price $4.07 / Each
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Victor 7010 Compatible Calculator Ribbon, Black/Red MEGA Sale Price $2.50 / Each
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Victor Professional Compact Handheld Calculator MEGA Sale Price $3.63 / Each
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Victor Easy Read Stainless Steel Ruler, Standard/Metric, 18", Blue MEGA Sale Price $7.53 / Each
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Victor DC200 High Rise Adjustable Stand-Up Desk Converter, 28 x 23 x 12-16 3/4, Black MEGA Sale Price $159.90 / Each
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Victor LS-125 Calculator Stand, Large, 9 1/2w x 12d x 3 1/2h, Clear Acrylic MEGA Sale Price $13.60 / Each
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Victor Easy Read Stainless Steel Ruler, Standard/Metric, 12", Blue MEGA Sale Price $5.85 / Each
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Victor Easy Read Ruler, 12", Pink, Stainless Steel MEGA Sale Price $5.58 / Each
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Victor "Smart Cup" Pencil Holder with Electronic DisplayBlack and Chrome MEGA Sale Price $12.80 / Each
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Victor 10 Digit Breast Cancer Awareness Calculator, Pink & Chrome Compact MEGA Sale Price $16.65 / Each
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